philosophy and life

Diversifying world view

Includes doing what is traditionally female roles like house cleaning, raising kids. Traditionally female activities like dancing. I do blue collar jobs I watch Indian movies I learnt thai Listen to the old, talk to the equals and play with the young.


Working alone

I had access to appraisal notes of leadership candidates, which included those describing me, when I landed the top job in a school curricular activity NCC (National Cadet Corp) back in secondary school. It was a unanimous observation among my predecessors that I preferred going about alone. I explain: the bullshit is real, ie the […]


On the moth-eaten service

A specific socio-politico-economico-ally dictated education-to-work arrangement prevails in any given society, at any given point in time, of which its pervasiveness, that is its acceptance by the general public, more or less, is determined by the continuous tension between state power and public obedience. This socio-economic arrangement, however, even as observed in a comparison between […]