On the moth-eaten service

A specific socio-politico-economico-ally dictated education-to-work arrangement prevails in any given society, at any given point in time, of which its pervasiveness, that is its acceptance by the general public, more or less, is determined by the continuous tension between state power and public obedience. This socio-economic arrangement, however, even as observed in a comparison between dissimilar societies, or between different eras, always tends towards the state’s will, even in the absence of coercion, because no one will ever demand for less schooling, nor demand for fewer job opportunities, publicly, save a few, perhaps, oddballs.

It is not within the scope of this segment, nor is it necessary, to argue the definition of public will, or argue if that public will, supposedly free, is or is not a result of generations of education as is necessitated by law, enacted by the state. Of interest to us, instead, are the obstacles facing businesseurs, of which mustering the courage to fly in the face of conventional wisdom, that is to reject the notion of studying to get a good paying job as but an old wife’s tale, a most debilitating one at that, is one of them.

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