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The right to industry vs unnecessary risk taking: On land cost impeding entrepreneurship

Unless one’s business is fully digital and can work from home, the small business owner requires space for operation. “Entrepreneurship” has taken on a badge of honour, and that persons who eventually succeed have surmounted an incredible amount of risk. Among those risks is the exorbitant land cost, i.e. rent or mortgage, that one needs […]


Why Sweden is pronounced as “rui dian” & Taxi is “de shi”

Sweden is written as 瑞典 in Chinese characters and it is pronounced as “rui dian”, which is the pronunciation in China’s capital language Mandarin. Some time further up China’s history, when the capital language was the predecessor of China’s Min Nan language such as Teochew and Hokkien, 瑞典 is pronounced as “swee din”. Now consider […]


On the moth-eaten service

A specific socio-politico-economico-ally dictated education-to-work arrangement prevails in any given society, at any given point in time, of which its pervasiveness, that is its acceptance by the general public, more or less, is determined by the continuous tension between state power and public obedience. This socio-economic arrangement, however, even as observed in a comparison between […]