How much progress does one need

In the past, there were the rich and the poor. There are also the rich and the poor at present. It also follows that the future will comprise both the rich and poor as well.

It boggles one’s mind to insist the usefulness of industrialisation, as well as improved goods and services post-industrialisation, if these do not see the wealth created distributed properly. In fact, wealth and income inequality has exacerbated.

Between my then and my now, the only difference I feel is that I have gotten far busier, and that busyness has not translated into an upward mobility. I suspect the same for most of my peers.

Perhaps one can imagine walking on the travelator. In the past, most used to walk against the travelator’s direction to remain at the same spot. At present, one is likely to be jogging to remain at the same point. I can’t imagine the future.

The travelator where one actually walks or sprints in the direction of the travelator are reserved for the wealthy.

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If such is the situation, I would rather be in a world with less industrialisation and less post-industrialisation, and be in the middle class of my past, than to be in the middle class of the present, even though my living conditions have supposedly improved.

It further frightens me to know that I am entering a future with far improved standards of living, likely in a world of advanced technology and automation, and most certainly becoming far much busier, just to remain stuck in that social strata.

On this basis, one is most certainly not guilty as charged, when he romanticises the past to be that of happier days. Many really used to remain poor doing nothing, but now one remains poor even after working his ass off.

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