What cca should I join in university

In short, one should learn the classical ballroom dance in preparation for one’s role as someone else’s spouse.

Upon uni graduation, most wouldn’t have any doubts about students’ effectiveness as workers. After all, we spent our entire lives preparing for work. However, the same can’t be said when learning how to be the lady or gentleman in the future spouse’s life.

Isn’t it splendid a thought to have your lady dance opposite you as your most cherished life partner on your big day?

I thank the NUS social and ballroom dance club for the journey leading up to our wedding dance.

Beyond the one-offs

I won my trivial dance awards.

I had my first dance for my wedding.

And yet I continue to dance with the only dance partner I ever needed. I danced with my wife out at a grapevine in Melbourne.

There will be so many more dances to come, without which, the element of romance in a marriage is lost. I fear my marriage reducing Wife and I into

Before the point is lost

By the time one reaches University or Polytechnic, one is already more or less equipped with the relevant skills for one’s work life. There is diminished returns on investment in preparation for work life. But if one asks oneself if he or she was really taught the how-to’s to be the gentleman or lady in a loved one’s life, they are likely to be unprepared.

I strongly recommend learning classical ballroom dancing.

It is not easy because I lost two partners as soon as they got hitched.

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