Fathers of political science exist, you know.

It is not difficult to understand that we turn to the fathers of physics, for example Newton, to learn physics. Same for all other conceivable disciplines. We do not learn and discuss literature without the relevant father figures etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc.

Yet in political discussions, most defer only to their personal experiences as an educated person, for example a teacher with an expertise in chemistry, instead of referencing the fathers of humanities branches such as political science, history, economics etc., completely unaware of their folly.

Referencing one’s life experiences, which likely occupies a space in only one stratum of society, in a political discussion results in a bias that surrounds that stratum. Same for persons from other strata. In physics, personal experience informs us that a person does not float away from the ground. But who do you turn to to understand this phenomenon? Yourself?

For emphasis: the ignorance is glaring.

Fathers of political science, history and economics exist, you know.

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