Board games and work use the same brain muscles and it’s boring

I literally play no games, at all. It adds fatigue onto an already tired mind and I figured it may be because problem solving both in games and in life uses the same faculties of the brain. Playing games would pile additional stress and boredom into the mind.

Instead, I read, play the piano, run, swim and dance. It was, and only was, intriguing, though, that I didn’t have an answer for a frustrated good friend, of 15 years, who felt that he couldn’t quite pinpoint the core person I am despite our long friendship, and hence asked what I did in my spare time. It’s not really a question I asked myself nor was asked, so that was a good one.

In reflection, yes, I mostly do the above mentioned activities, albeit sparingly of each. The diversity of my activities resulted in the seeming void in my spare time. To begin, spare time, as it suggests, is spare time. I have little of it. My days do not end at 6pm on the dot. I do continue working on my phone, on the social media marketing and what nots beyond 6pm. And the remaining time is split among many types of activities, not just one type, as well as relationships to be maintained. But they all converge on the same principle, to work the other parts of the body neglected because of work, and to not place additional stress on the parts that are already thoroughly worked with.

Retrospection is good, and I thank my frustrated friend for that.

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