Hitler’s rise and self perceived percipience

There were those truly aligned with Hitler’s ideology. Yet there were also those who voted Hitler in free will, only to find themselves sent off, against their wills, to war.

In voting Hitler, their “stupidity”, which is an oversimplified conclusion based on 20/20 hindsight that is in itself a product of a shortfall of scrutiny and self perceived intellect by casual observers and experts alike, may not be all that unintelligent in fact. Many who voted Hitler were educated.

One only need observe his local politics to identify parallel folly, of persons making the same mistakes. Think Trump voters who were subsequently deported, or had their loved ones deported.

Believing that one is making an educated and informed choice is a colossal mistake that closes doors to further inquiry. Subjecting oneself to self doubt, on the other hand, is a gateway to more information, rather than less.

Till hits a higher proportion of the populace, we are deemed to repeat the same I am smarter than you mistake.

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