Cultural capital explained

I wore a Cartoon Network T-shirt to Victoria Concert Hall with my Music Elective Program (MEP) classmates for an excursion as part of the MEP program.

When I arrived, I was scolded by a friend indeed, pretty much in exasperation, because we are from ACS(I) and the MEP students, all girls, from MGS were also there as part of a cohesion trip between our two schools.

Yet I did not know what the issue was, and why my friend, whose family business was a well known chain in the 90’s selling wallets, had to scold me. That was my favourite T-shirt and I wore it only for best dress occasions like excursions to the zoo and of course Victoria Concert Hall.

I should not need to delve further into details as the above paragraphs should explain “cultural capital” sufficiently.


My classmates understood music. They played their pianos, their violins, their saxophones, and they knew their Mozart’s, their Beethoven’s, their Vivaldi’s, while I played Street Fighter Puzzle Fighter, watched channel 8 news, watched Jackie Chan’s and Stephen Chow’s shows, and spent most of my time on assessment books.

In short, imagine the young master Bruce Waynes I had in my class. I was really only in MEP for the scholarship, i.e. the school fees were paid for, because I happened to take piano lessons and have been graded.

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