The original suede bread bag charms by Keching

Available in white bread and pandan bread flavours. USD 115.00 ea.

To purchase, please reach me at:

  • Email
  • WhatsApp +65 96637673

Thank you : D

suede bread bag charm

These bread charms put together every leather crafting skill and knowledge that I have learnt over 12 years, tools that I have at my disposal, and most importantly the abstract concept of design that I’ve increasingly come to appreciate and understand.

suede bread bag accessories

The key principles:

  • the suede raw material as-is looks like a fluffy bread surface itself
  • suede is difficult to work with, literally a waste by-product of the full grain leather industry, yet results in the most luxurious finished product
  • on top of regular leather crafting techniques, this personal project requires metal bending for custom die punch, cnc milling for my brass stamp, buckle design, all of which are extremely specialised skills

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