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When a baby is a burden

I see in my baby girl not just joy, but also a metaphor of renewal, hope and a bright future. Yet, in the last one week, I was privileged a peak at a family in which the baby, while naturally drawing smiles and love from the family members as a function of animal instinct, is […]


The right to industry vs unnecessary risk taking: On land cost impeding entrepreneurship

Unless one’s business is fully digital and can work from home, the small business owner requires space for operation. “Entrepreneurship” has taken on a badge of honour, and that persons who eventually succeed have surmounted an incredible amount of risk. Among those risks is the exorbitant land cost, i.e. rent or mortgage, that one needs […]


Creativity vs rote learning in music

My friend Nikhil who hosts his own Nikhil Hogan Show, and who is the founder of the Songbird Music Academy, made points about the music education industry in his interviews and videos that I had suspected when I studied music in secondary school. Back then, I was neither enlightened nor did I have the awareness […]