cuckoo clock germany

My German cuckoo clock addition to feature wall

My feature wall

End result: this is how my cuckoo clock looks like on the feature wall of my new apartment.

cuckoo clock germany

It complements the Downton Abbey doorbell that I had specially made, the yellow illumination LED “Edison” light bulb, and my double leaf bedroom door which is the centerpiece of my home.

double leaf door

The entire group of fixtures at that area including my double leaf bedroom door at 45 degrees angle to the rest of my house.

Setting up my cuckoo clock

how to set up german cuckoo clock

My contractors from Ming Sing Construction identifying the point for drilling the hole for fixing the nail on which my clock would be hung.

cuckoo clock parts

Next, before hanging my clock up on the wall, I am supposed to remove the two red tabs that keep certain free moving parts in place when not in use.

It always amazes me to think of how the gears et al move without electricity.

cuckoo clock chains

Next, I am to remove the retainer wire that keeps the chain (at this point fully wound, not unwound) in position. The wire also fastens the pendulum swing to prevent it from swinging during transportation to my address.

how to set up cuckoo clock

Removing the retainer wires and the paper wrap that holds the clock chains.

cuckoo clock singapore

Pine weights hung on the chains. Downton Abbey doorbell still not yet installed.

cuckoo clock weights

It was a close shave as the pine weights nearly touch the floor when fully extended outside of the clock. It would be such a pity if my contractors had drilled the position of the nail just that tad bit lower.

Machines on maintenance, not buy and throw away

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