Don’t tell me who isn’t coming. Tell me who is!

This post is dedicated to Mei Ching.

I appreciate the wonderful dinner we had. I appreciate your messaging me the moment you came back for good, from your overseas studies. Thank you Mei Ching :)

I also appreciate that you shared about your friendship experiences with me. Would like to share this with my family, friends and my readers. Please do remember to look at who are always there for you and not at those who are never there for you. Put yourself into your friends’ shoes; your friends who care. If you do not focus on them, the table is now turned on them. They will be looking at you as one of those who never cared, even though you did not intend for it to be so.

Whenever you organise anything, never look out for who isn’t coming. Look out for who is!

Ke Ching

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