A reminder

My parents and my brother are at the hospital now. My brother apparently fell down yesterday, while in camp, and hurt his head. He felt faint half an hour ago and felt a little numbness in his upper body. I’m worried.

Certain experiences will mould the lenses through which you see the world and what you perceive of it. At least for this short period of time, while I am reminded once again that the human body and relationships are fragile, I type this post, for I know that once the sun rises, it will be another brand new day, a day which I may once again take my relationships for granted. I want to document this experience for my future reference, to constantly remind myself of the purpose of my existence.

My grandfather just came out of his room. That my brother is in hospital with my parents right now, it opened my lenses wider beyond the usual scope and I look at my grandfather’s eyes. It is very much contrary to the usual through-the-slant-of-the-eyes acknowledgement of his presence, being selfish, going about my usual business. He asked for my sister, to which I promptly replied that she’s asleep. He said, smiling, that he had not notice her coming back home. A beautiful smile, with a missing tooth :)

A grandfather who stays at home everyday looking after it, I wonder what his youth was like. But I believe that he must have been an ambitious man, not unlike the average youth, with all their drive. I believe I am who he was and I wonder where I am headed. Ambitious, driven and strong-headed, and in my friend’s words “You are likely to offend people.” Yet, if I may say, I love my family and I love my friends, alot, alot.

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