Discontent as a catalyst to starting a business

I was pissed as a kid leading up into JC when I finally broke. CCB were my grades. I could never attain the level of excellence I strove for like the other kids and I never understood why.

The forced shaving of my hair during military service was the best thing that ever happened to me. I finally opened my eyes symbolically and physically (my hair literally covered my eyes! like usual insecure unhappy self-righteous kids usually sport). The people congregated in the army is so diverse. Rich, poor, gantang, cheena, good grades, bad grades etc. Long story short, the world has enough space for diversity and I happened to be stuck in an environment where I will never ever do well in, ie the school.

I looked around seeking change and explored opportunities for making money. Heck, weren’t we in school so that we can make money in future? For that matter with grades CCB I wasn’t even sure whether I could enter university so I’d better start looking around. Settled for sales.

I have started and worked on my business for 3 years now but the process of picking up relevant sales skills started almost a decade ago. If it weren’t for harnessing the extreme discontent I had, I wouldn’t be pursuing the direction I’m in right now.


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