Ahead of the game

It is my prerogative to say now at age 26+ that I have persevered, albeit only three years, going through countless ups and downs, taking the largely unbeaten path to achieve my mid-term targets.

In the twinkle of an eye, I have been rebuilding my family business for three years running and am still going strong. The next three years will be tougher and I shrudder to think of it.

The next three years will dogmatically be about monetary rewards compared to my mostly latent achievements till date, such as waking up from the matrix, disallowing my work to consume me as a person etc. These pasts achievements, at worst, set the pace and rhythm of being a good son, family man and unique individual despite the pursuits of material gains. Even then, my current productivity is comparable to the average executive :p

The race to become a cash-rich millionaire by age thirty has ended for me. It is impossible. Even if I factor in the opportunity costs of the past three years, there is no way I will beat everyone else to it because I am not as talented as I thought when I was a 17 years old kid. More likely at age 32+ :p but still uncertain.

I look forward to writing my statements of achievements three years from now, when I am really just 29+ of age, with another thirty more years, hopefully, ahead of me.

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