How I quit my way into starting a business

If I hadn’t quit activities frequently over and over again, moving on to try something different that is out of my comfort zone, I wouldn’t have found my passion and started my business of genuine leather products.

There is a limit to the wisdom of perseverance if you’re to succeed. If you’ve been trying something since forever and are still not succeeding, you should quit. Forget the mantra of perseverance and try something outside your comfort zone.

What I am adamant about is that the wisdom of perseverance that is supposed to help you many times weigh you down instead. And this bad habit of going at something which you are clearly bad at over and over again starts right when we are young. This will be the stumbling block for many adults later in their lives.

I sucked at Chinese chess. If I hadn’t quit it right in primary school and chose instead to believe that I can do it, I’ll probably be in tears right now. There were kids who have a knack for chessy stuff to the point they accumulate the greatest amount of experience within the shortest time possible. They end up becoming regional champions as kids, surpassing what most adults can’t achieve in their entire lifetimes.

Some kids don’t have to try and can recall things at the snap of a finger. Makes for good lawyers don’t they? While they read and absorb, build knowledge on cases, eventually innovating solutions, I’ll probably still be flipping the pages just to get to that one particular case which I think I remember seeing which might help my case.

Some kids take things apart and reassemble them. Engineers no?

My best friend played rock guitar and I tried joining him. Now my poor guitar is a white elephant for 15 years already.

I can’t do any of those above.

So I start a business having quit the following in chronological order:

Chinese chess, art and painting, piano/music, electric guitar, lifeguard, being a good soldier, selling health products, selling financial products, poker, university… I’m just not good at them.

I finally found what I am good at. I think…

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