Feeling embarrassed and paiseh over taking my friends’ monies

When I first started my business, something that took me quite some time to accustom myself with was taking money from my friends.

The kind of moral accountability that accompanied their support for my business, ie when they bought belts from me, was quite choking. Will my leather be too weak? Will my buckles break on them? Will the belts last forever?

Imagery of my leather tearing like paper, buckle pins snapping into two, friends getting really cheesed off because of poor quality kept forming in my head. These are imageries which would otherwise be ridiculous if I were to sell my belts to complete strangers, as I know for sure my belts’ quality is unparalleled both absolutely as well as relative to prices. In sum, I wanted to give my friends and family members the best I can.

As such, it is this exceptional service I know I provide that I subsequently learnt not to feel paiseh about accepting money from my friends. If still paiseh I could give discount! Besides I can still exercise the option of giving or providing them the service/product for free lol. But at the same time I got to ensure I can survive!

That said, while you may choose to steer clear of your family and friends for business, if at any point many do purchase from you and engage your services, it speaks volumes about your credibility :))

Thank you friends and family for your trust and confidence in me and my genuine leather belts! :))


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