“For those who know you can, leave the schools, go out there and create jobs! Relieve the pressure on our schools.”

This is the only political change that can turn the worsening tide around and I doubt I’ll be hearing this from any of our next few Prime Ministers because dissuading against over-education will be at best a political career suicide.

Our state knows, and they definitely do know, how disastrous our economy is headed with the current economic model of ever-higher education and MNCs. They are hinting the problem, and this is basically coffeeshop talk, ie the birth rate problem that we’re sitting on and procrastinating about. They are hinting, just like how the world had “hinted” about the monstrous debt that Europe sat on prior to the “sudden” collapse. Our economic model is unsustainable. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that by the time the common folks are in trouble, the politicians would have made their pots of gold. At the same time, they would have depleted the reserves we have built just trying to arrest the birth rate problem.

But I guess it is always easier for politicians to promote ever-more education, which is what the people ignorantly want, than to encourage alternatives to over-education. Talk about not being populist.

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