villa with private pool phuket

2014 Phuket villa with private pool trip

And here we are at Villa Namaste, a seven bedroom villa with its own private pool!

where to stay in phuket with private pool

As per our Bali trip, we drew lots to decide which couple takes what room.

villa beyond bangtao phuket

After settling into our rooms, we explored the vast premise!

phuket villa with private pool

Our butler and the staff show us around.

phuket villa with butler

Look at the well stocked fridge!

villa beyond namaste

After settling in, we gathered for more wheeeess and wows and the toast! Cheers everybody!

villa beyond bangtao phuket

Without wasting anymore time, we jumped into the pool! Brought in the chips bowl as we did in Bali!

phuket private pool villa

Over the entire trip, we spent so much time in the pool.

Update 7th July 2019: it was just us back then with no children of our own. Now all our trips include the little ones : D

villa beyond
villa namaste

Played Captain’s Ball.

where to stay in phuket with private pool
where to stay in phuket with private pool

View of the forest behind from this angle.

phuket villa with private pool
where to stay in phuket

It was reliving living with each other over extended periods of time just like when we were back in school, except we had a little more money for this wonderful trip instead of staying over at a friend’s parents’ house keke.

Winding down for the night

where to stay in phuket with private pool
what to do in phuket

Yoga the next morning

villa namaste review

I kind of regret it, yet not regret it, for not joining them for yoga but waking up early would mess the rest of the day for reals.

villa namaste review

One side of the rooftop overlooks the town and the forest wraps the rest of the rooftop perimeter.

villa namaste phuket

Exploring the town

The guys were pretty contented playing board games (which I don’t really like keke) indoors or dipping in the pool. But I would very much like to explore the area around our villa. So off le gf and I go!

Bocconcino Phuket

We walked past an entirely surprising outfit. An Italian delicatessen in Phuket!

bocconcino phuket

Yummy Italian pastry!

bocconcino phuket

Surin Beach

It was a long walk but we made it to Surin Beach!

surin beach reviews

Saw a royal pavilion of sorts. Got to be extremely respectful.

surin beach reviews
surin beach reviews

Ahhh…. Always love the sun, the sand and the sea! Unfortunately, the sand on Surin Beach isn’t fine. The beach with the finest sand, like baby powder fine, is the beach I visited at Ko Samet during my grad trip to Thailand in 2009.

surin beach phuket

Making my way out to dip my feet in the sea. But le gf is having none of it LOL. Not everyone likes sandy feet, let alone sandy, salty and sticky feet. Anyway, glaring sun made everything else look dark.

surin beach sunset

On the way back, we saw a dog belonging to one of the households at the bottom of the hill where our villa is situated. I’m gonna assign whoa whoa a nationality. It is Thai. Like the American pigeon I saw in America. Or the pelican that is Austrian. Or the Bruneian soldier ant.

what to do in phuket

Beer pong

villa namaste review

Exploring again

villa beyond bangtao phuket
barber shop phuket

Patong Beach

It is the third and final night of our holiday and I wanted to go out to Patong Beach. Didn’t want to miss whatever that I might miss, though common sense would suggest that Patong Beach will be extremely commercialised and that there just isn’t any point going there. Nevertheless we called in a mini bus to take us there.

patong beach

We really did walk aimlessly on the beach. Don’t know about the rest but I love it! I mean le gf and I have explored quite a bit on foot the last two days and I still can’t quite enough of venturing out to see the sun, beach and sea!

patong beach phuket

Last night here

Everyone attempts to drag their last night in Phuket for as long as possible.

villa with private pool phuket

Jacuzzi treatment in the cold night!

phuket jacuzzi villa

These two outside the door ah lol.

villa with private pool phuket

Sombre mood going on here lol.

villa namaste phuket

Goodbye villa with awesome pool

villa beyond namaste

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