Heat rash (continued)

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First, I seemed to be the only one suffering from it, which leads me to the second, of myself desperately finding a preventive measure to be normal like the rest. So I did my research in order that I may explain to my guys in my company in the simplest terms possible, and to help myself prevent the onset of heat rash again.

The answer dawned on me: It sucks to be you Corporal Goh Keching.

I perspire so much and for some reason my sweat pores are too small and too few to deliver my perspiration away, perhaps indeed blocked by dirt and powder. Also, the shedding of dead skin during recovery suggests that the perspiration tore my skin from my flesh as it accumulated under my skin. Furthermore, I suspect salt particles to be left behind beneath my skin to prick on my raw flesh, when the perspiration is released or dried.

Recommended actions to alleviate symptoms

1. Drink more water if possible. Between preventing your body from overheating and minimising sweat loss, choose the former. Drinking less water does not necessarily mean you perspire less anyway.

2. Remove your top if possible. I get heat rash on my butt all the time (nope I don’t remove my bottoms), so I wear loose trousers because it is more airy inside and the larger surface area of my trousers accomodate more sweat absorption.

3. Understand that there is largely nothing you can do to prevent heat rash because the condition of pores being blocked by dirt and powder is there, the condition of excessive perspiration is also there, plus the fact that you are unlikely able to excuse yourself from your obligations as well. Quit trying what my sergeants suggest or you’ll go crazy because there is absolutely no way to challenge these conditions.

Suck it up soldier.

Company medic signing off.

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Corporal Goh designs and makes custom belt buckle sets now. If you feel that I have valued added with my research on heat rash above, please spend some time browsing my custom buckles portfolio here. Thank you!

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