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Extreme weather events in Salzburg, Slovenia and Budapest

And it was the locals who verified the weather abnormalities when we asked them.

The first abnormal weather was a blackout on our first night in Salzburg due to a thunderstorm. Our host had assured us that all was in order, but later confessed to us the next day that she herself has never experienced such blackouts. She said she did not dare tell us keke.

power outage singapore

Blackouts meant that the radiators in our log cabin stopped working. Thank goodness for the fireplace, which was installed for original purposes of function or for aesthetics we do not know, that we had heat. I had to go outside to bring more firewood, which were slightly wet due to the rain, in, because we literally ran out of wood indoors. We hadn’t expected to use up the wood as we originally started the fire only as a complement to the radiators.

The second was flooding of the train tracks such that my wife and I had to alight at a train station, and then be transported via bus to two stations down.

The photos with flooded train tracks were too blur due to the rain so we can’t use them. Imagine the tracks in the photo above being flooded.

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