log cabin interior design ideas

Log cabin in Salzburg

It was expensive but a real treat to my wife, my brother-in-law and I.

log cabin interior design ideas

We can compare the interiors with the countless hotels and apartments we have ever stayed in, but to stay in a log cabin with beds in the attic is a truly unique experience.

log cabin interior design

One of my personal highlights was the fireplace. The old type of fireplace would have completed the experience fully. However, I can full appreciate how this contemporary one fits the interiors of the log cabin better.

Had thoughts about the practical purpose of the fireplace since there were radiators in the house. Initially, I concluded that it makes for a nice social activity because I had a good time with my brother-in-law starting the fire together. That was until the storm hit and a black out followed. A fireplace kept the house warm in the absence of electricity.

modern fireplace ideas

Watching tv next to the fireplace to keep warm while the wind was howling outside.

what to do in salzburg

Stairs to the attic

log cabin interior design ideas

The next morning

Greeted by a most beautiful sunny day. Outside the back door is a tree house, next to the woods where deers run free. It is made for the hosts’ children and was locked. Felt paiseh to ask if I could spend some time in it to have a feel of a tree house.

treehouse ideas

The view to the right of tree house photo:

what to do in salzburg

Venturing to Lake Fuschl

Dairy cows along the way. It was blue skies with the morning mist lifted.

what to do in salzburg

Saw this pile of wood as well as cleared forests next to them. Presumably logged for firewood for the winter.

Overcast sky by the time we reached the wooden pier at Lake Fuschl.

lake fuschl wooden pier

Had to dip my feet in the really cold water.

what to do at lake fuschl

The other end of Lake Fuschl

I wanted to find out more about the management of Lake Fuschl, which is pristine and which should attract alot more lake activities. There are probably more than enough public information on it, but I needed to find out for myself. It was surprising to find out that one can’t walk along the entire stretch of the beach along the lake. I can’t even enter entire stretches of it because they felt like privately owned parcels of the beach. It is unlike Lake Bled where one can walk along an intentionally built boardwalk immediately alongside the water. As a result, we had to walk along the highway to the other end of the lake.

what to do in salzburg

At the other end of Lake Fuschl.

what to do at Lake fuschl

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