waltz dance class singapore

Beginner Waltz ballroom dance class. Again! For 5th time!

Waltz lessons by Our First Dance

28th Feb 2020 Waltz lessons update:

  • Beginners standard Waltz
  • Start date 28th Dec 2019
  • Fridays
  • 7.30pm – 8.30pm
  • For 6 lessons
  • $130.00 per pax
  • Blk 232 Bishan St 22 Singapore 570232, basement bomb shelter
  • Contact Keching 96637673

Starting soon!

Waltz lessons by Our First Dance

Wifey and I are elated about a new six weeks slow waltz class with Our First Dance by instructors Kian Yong and Zhi Xin. It is a year and a half since we last danced, and it was for the day we wedded in 2017.

I have been attempting to organise Standard Ballroom dance classes since. However, they were in vain as my usual kakis are now too busy with both their newborns and work.

One day, a message from Kian Yong came in saying that he has enough students to start a semi-private Waltz class!


ballroom dance class singapore

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Hip contact an inherent problem

This is the 5th Waltz beginners class I have attended in my entire life since joining the NUS Social and Ballroom (NUSSNB) dance club in 2006. I have never proceeded onto intermediate classes because there are too many inherent problems associated with Standard ballroom dances.

They include, among all other problems, the problem of hip contact. The beauty of dancing the slow Waltz, for example, for what it really is, is the craft of dancing together as one, literally, connected at the hips. As a result, it is difficulty to get two strangers to dance with their hips pressed against each other’s.

I myself had three different partners in NUS. The moment they got attached to their respective boyfriends, I lost my partner.


ballroom dance classes singapore

Semi-private classes usually have 4 couples of students max, as opposed to group classes which can run into more than 10 students. If one was looking to socialise, group classes at beginners level would be good. In fact, the genre of dance is important too. The Latin dances would be more ideal than Standard dances as the former does not require hip contact.

Hence for obvious reasons, Standard dance classes, which I have been trying to organise since forever, are extremely difficult to get rolling unless one turns to group classes conducted by dance schools specialising in them. Most times, Standard dance schools don’t even have classes.

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But I am done with group classes. I seek to hone my techniques with Wife.

Anyway that is a long roundabout to say how much I enjoyed this class.

Me thinking of the next steps.

ballroom dancing singapore

Love this photo lots. Behind the self-perceived (LOL!) glam of standard ballroom dance are the little little stupid things that happen in between, and Wife and I would burst out laughing!

ballroom dancing singapore

This post is for anyone who is interested to learn the Standard Ballroom dances for what they really are, please contact me as I am always looking for people to start semi-private classes with. Also, do not feel paiseh or what because as you can see from my photos above, classes are usually damn cock wan. Looking forward to hearing from you; 96637673.

Figures learnt

1st lesson (25th Jan 2019)

  • box step
  • natural turn
  • reverse turn
  • basic steps quarter turn
  • basic steps 135 degrees turn

2nd lesson (1st Feb 2019)

  • natural spin turn
  • whisk
  • chasse

3rd lesson (15th Feb 2019)

  • refresh from previous week

4th lesson (22nd Feb 2019)

  • open impetus
  • weave

5th lesson (1st Mar 2019)

6th lesson (8th Mar 2019)

  • Viennese Waltz natural turn
  • Viennese Waltz reverse turn

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