crocodile skin products singapore

Crocodile skin products

In their excitement, inquiring customers do forget that crocodile leather is skin from crocodiles, which are living things. It is the same kind of commoditization as when a politician discusses the poor only in statistical terms.

The vast quantity of leather I work with desensitizes myself sometimes, and I can forget that leather comes from what used to be alive and breathing. Despite the slip ups, I never forget to remind myself of the harsh reality of the relationship man has with animals and the environment at large.

Before my point gets lost, I advocate treating the resources one handles with respect, and not for granted. Kind of like in the Avatar movie way, where the indigenous population give thanks by way of a prayer whenever they kill an animal.

If one is considering crocodile or alligator skin products, please don’t. Purchase cow/buffalo leather belts embossed with crocodile patterns instead. This is because one can be certain that cow/buffalo hide are a by-product of the meat industry, but we can’t be sure that the same is for crocodiles and alligators.

Let us be mindful and head towards a general reduction of wasteful and frivolous consumption of animal products.

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