crocodile skin products singapore

Crocodile skin products

When it concerns exotic leather, it is maximalist and it flies contrarian to the most popular genre of minimalism. Maximalism is treading on fine line, between irrelevance for mainstream social purposes, and sufficiently pompous that one is taken notice of. Of course if one swims in the social stratum as that in “Bling Empire”, anything goes.

They are however, very expensive, why is this so? Lets take a look at how they are being kept, they have to be fed meat, which is already quite expensive. Furthermore, they have to be taken care properly because any scar on a crocodile hide will greatly reduces its value.

So why is there still a high demand for crocodile leather products such as the hermes birkin bags despite the huge price increase? lets take a look at some crocodile products from Aquila Fashions.

Aquila’s idea of maximalism in her exotic leather products by no means refer to overburden on its function. For example, her exotic briefcases are designed to contain just a4 documents, and a smaller electronic notepad. It is meant to be brought along for specific occasions where impression to the correct crowd matters. So slim, lightweight, function, yet built with head turning natural patterns of exotic skin are its characteristics. It’s not meant to be the work horse bag where every item including the cumberbersome laptop charger or even water bottle goes into.

This is a cardholder case that is molded to shape by using wet forming techniques, making the leather to stiffen up and acts to protect your business card so that you will always have a nice looking card when you need to give them to your future contacts.

Aquila is also able to do matching shoes and belt in crocodile/ alligator to complete your look.

Aquila is also able to do watchstraps for your high end watches, such as audemars piguet, patek philippe and many more.

If you want to take a look at the wide range of crocodile products that they have, you can click here.

If you are bored of the usual cow hide that most leather crafter uses, you can definitely spice things up by getting crocodile/alligator hide.

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