Awareness against monopolies

When I was in NUS (National University of Singapore), every student could buy laptops at subsidised prices from it.

The white Macbook Pro was cool and I wanted it badly. It was at a time when compatibility for Microsoft office was a major concern to my peers. Hence, I was one of the extremely few proudly carrying the coolest laptop in town.

Fast forward a few years and I am adverse to buying any un-Orange product because every other person owns multiple devices of that brand.

I used a pink Sony note that everyone thought was too huge and cumbersome.

I used the BlackBerry passport which had a most intriguing shape.

And at present when no one is using BlackBerry, I am using the KeyOne with the most beautiful physical keyboard ever.

One personal lesson drawn out of using out of trend products is that I spend quite abit of time learning to adapt to non-standard interface. Hence, in the event of a tech crisis, I won’t die.

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