I love Bangkok

Deserted streets where vendors and customers once liven them.It isn’t my place to comment on Thai government policies. But I have to as I have seen this in my own country.This occurrence has many names to it:

– progress

– ridding the public of nuisance

– etc.

These problems follow thereafter:

– price inflation because vendors compete for sanctioned rental spaces

– otherwise independent citizens are displaced, throwing them into the schooling and jobs market

– the lifeline of entrepreneurship gets killed off. (Potential growth in any one of these small timers could lead to future employment of locals by local business

Again, where have I seen this before

?Claimants to the public space:

– public: difficulty walking

– residents: noise pollution

– vendors: just making a humble living

– owners of brick and mortar shops: take away business

– government: need progress beyond uncivilized social economic organisations.

These are easily replicable everywhere. Imagine this happening in Taiwan.

Call it:

– history repeats itself

– because people in power think they know better


– proper stores are now emptier than

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