dance dynamix singapore

Couple dance classes at Dance Dynamix

Dance Dynamix is pretty much the only dance school Wife and I return to, to polish up our techniques since graduating from NUS dance (National University of Singapore).

Latin ballroom dance

Upon graduation, the course fees for regular NUS undergraduate group classes naturally rose for us graduates. For those course prices, we were better off organising our own semi private group classes with Sam and Michelle.

couple dance class singapore

And we did, and it became a regular thing between us friends, and with our partners, i.e. girlfriends and boyfriends, to continue pursuing the Latin ballroom dances. The Latin dances are great dances for couples with a fair bit of intensity. We need to be familiar with our partners’ weights and work on our connections. One can still dance without the proper connections of course, as one would as an absolute beginner.

dance classes for couples singapore
couple dance class singapore

The Latin ballroom dances include the Cha Cha, the Rumba, Samba, Jive and Paso Doble.

After class, we would then adjourn from Dance Dynamix to elsewhere for supper, maintaining a certain undergraduate carefree lifestyle that was becoming increasingly more difficult with each year since we formally joined the workforce.

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However, this arrangement continued until each couple started conceiving and the wives became pregnant one by one keke, and the group size fell below the minimum three couples required to start the semi private lessons.

Since then, for a period of a few years, we stopped dancing and the group broke up.

Argentine Tango

Recently we were informed of an Argentine Tango class. It is different from the Standard Ballroom Tango which Wife and I prefer. But we joined it nevertheless. It was fun!

dance dynamix singapore

I never quite understood Argentine Tango until the recent trip to a friend’s wedding as a groomsmen in Australia. See the space in the photo below? That space was inviting. The string quartet was calling out to us with their repertoire of classical pieces. However, the space was too small to dance the Standard Ballroom Tango. We needed to dance the Argentine Tango which allowed me to lead my wife anywhere within the confined space.

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In short, my wife and I entrusted our wedding dance choreography with him. One can see our wedding dance preparation and actual dance here.

Sam is versatile and has body mastery and is able to draw the links between martial Arts and dance.

dance dynamix
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He leads gentlemen and ladies equally well.I as a guy find it important too to understand where the tensions are while executing a move. Feel the tension when dancing with you. I have danced with instructors who go limp and then you only attempt to understand the steps.

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