HDB bathroom design ideas

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We stayed in LIT Bangkok for the second leg of our trip. It is my second favourite hotel for its asymmetrical room interiors within a rectangle space.

The bathroom is of particular interest because wife and I would like to renovate our toilet once the three years restriction for BTO is met.

Tastefully placed blue LED light

The blue LED light in the common area.

The day view.

The same LED light in the shower.

The purple light adds a touch of modernity as we walk from the corridor into the shower area.

View of the toilet corridor from the shower area.

Curved vanity marble countertop

The vanity countertop is curved (above). One can see the toilet bowl right at the end. The sink area uses two mirrors fixed at an angle to each other.

I can see five of me. The space allowed me to squeeze only four reflections into the photo though. I can see both sides of my head easily. This illusion of an open space given the extremely tight vanity area makes dressing up a pleasure.

Contrast this with a typical bathroom vanity (below). Photo is taken in a hotel in Melbourne from which we pushed off for a vineyard wedding at Yarra Valley.

Night lamps

Instead of using the bedside lamp which is too harsh for sleepy eyes, I open a slit in the wardrobe which is immediately next to the bed.

The slit on the right side is a slight opening in the wardrobe. Sliding it open turns on the light. The light reflects off the wall in the bathroom behind the bedroom and shines through the three translucent glass panels.

Yet these three openings aren’t entirely aesthetic but are functional.

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