hdb toilet pipe leaking

Water pipe on my bto ceiling leaking

I am thankful for the HDB officer’s help in clearing the air:

He is certain it is due to the loose servicing eye on the water pipe. This is on the basis that he is stationed in the old estate that my bto was built in. Hence, he addresses countless leaking pipe problems as well as the worse problem of leaking ceilings.

So either tighten it by hand, or tighten it a lot by screwing with the white tape inside.

There are specific signs which are obvious if there is a choke which is a real issue. Then it is in our contract that hdb will issue legal order on our behalf to order upstairs to clear the choke and make repairs to all pipes above and below at the upstair’s expense. They cannot refuse.


But as it is, Kenneth’s conclusion about the loose screw is because he sees a lot of all cases, especially since he is based in amk where a lot of old units and old pipes frequently give problems.

The legal order applies only to clearing the choke and repairing damaged pipes.

Protecting surrounding property like countertop etc is on ourselves. If anything damaged we can claim damages but this has nothing to do with hdb liao. It is our own legal fight.

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