ant infestation in kitchen

Ant infestation of my hdb flat over Christmas

Main reminders:

  • ants moving their white pupae or larvae is yucky
  • their presence indicates a nest in my apartment
  • it also indicates that the pest poison has threatened their nest
  • so much so that they risk moving their pupae and larvae out into the open in search of a new nesting area
  • destroying the larvae and pupae would severely undermine their ability to re-establish a new colony even if their queen is still alive
ant infestation in kitchen cabinets

Background story

Wifey and I have only left our home vacant for a week and ants were spotted on the kitchen countertop when we returned.

ant infestation in kitchen

When ants appeared a few months ago, they were merely stopping by en route to our neighbour’s house. So Wifey and I put in a little more effort to ensure our kitchen is free of food, thoroughly cleaning all surfaces after cooking each meal. The ants soon disappeared.


Fast forward to today, after one week leaving our house empty, the ants are back, primarily swarming our coffee machine.

This time, we lay poison bait stations around the kitchen as we can only return home intermittently.

To our surprise, there were hordes of dead ants lying all around our kitchen countertop when we next returned, and an ant trail persisted.


Following the ant trail, a horrific sight greeted me, on the Eve of the Eve of Christmas. A huge cluster of ants carrying premature larvae and pupae had formed right at the top of my kitchen cabinet.

I hadn’t noticed the white larvae and pupae initially. However, if I had, I ought to have remembered that this eeecky situation is a different situation from one where I see no end in sight clearing the ant infestation.

The presence of white larvae and pupae means an entire colony of the ants are out in the open. This yucky sight is precisely what anyone will want to see when getting rid of ants.

This is the second time I have seen ants moving their babies and from the last experience, there is no doubt that the end for them is nigh.

Infestation of my potted plant

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