Product of collaboration: wardrobe display stand for luxury watches

Made of marble, 316L steel and leather. I partook in making the leather cushion which is essentially upholstering a tiny leather bar stool.

luxury watch display stand

Yet another collection to my portfolio of commercial products, borne out of a personal interest in the world’s available raw materials.

luxury watch display stand

I perceive my project to be less about prestige and quality, and more about an assembly of natural stone, metal, wood and animal hide.

Please contact Keching at +65 96637673 for sales inquiries.

From my guys at Broadway Leather Company. Reupholstering an imported sofa just like wrapping the display stand above.

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Promotion with purchase

Customers who purchase our timepiece display stand may redeem a SGD 100.00 discount off my custom silver buckles.

Some designs

custom silver belt buckles
custom belt buckle name

custom belt buckle singapore
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Learn more here.

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