ambient lounge covers

Diy a protective cover sheet for my Ambient Lounge beanbags

Wifey and I figured that we’ll be changing the configuration of our living room every now and then.

ambient lounge corner piece

Therefore, we bought from Ambient Lounge what is a mix of beanbag and a proper sofa set, in that yes, it is a beanbag but at the same time it is an L-shaped beanbag like an L-shaped sofa. It would allow us to move it around easily.


Thinking that its light colour will be stained when the little one eats on or around it, I decided to make a protective cover sheet for it.

ambient lounge cover sheet

Still a work in progress but it’s looking good. Before getting to this point, I made a few trips to my guys at Broadway Leather Company to learn a thing or two.

upholstery service singapore

They happened to be upholstering a client’s sofa. It was an imported sofa with fairly decent wood and was originally quite pricey, hence their decision to reupholster it rather than throw and buy a new one.

upholstery service singapore

Proud of my corner seam (see below). Glad it fits snugly like how the professionals are doing it (see photo above).

ambient lounge covers

Here, I’m pretty much working on it. I had safety pins mark out the exact position of the seams, then I manually sew the seams loosely while removing the pins one by one.

ambient lounge cover

Here are the seams after I had ran my sewing machine through it and had the loosely handstitched threads removed.

ambient lounge singapore

This is the back of my beanbag-sofa. The 4 way intersection really wasn’t the easiest to work on. The top half was machine sewn already and I’m now working on the bottom half with safety pins first.


The rest of the upholstering I observed at my guys’ workshop.

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upholstery service singapore
upholstery service singapore
upholstery service singapore

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