custom die cast charms pendants

Bridging digital logo & physical fashion accessories: Mattie Nottage

Brief introduction to my services

In all of my projects, I control and lead the process from design concept to manufacturing physical fashion products for my clients.

It has been more than 10 years since I first started. My portfolio includes:


Handling product design for clients mostly entails persuading them to sacrifice design elements on one hand, and pushing the limits of my manufacturing on the other.

I, as the designer, bridge digital design and manufacturing because most intricate details in digital form can hardly be made.

Mattie Nottage

Dr. Mattie Nottage’s team required me to turn their corporate logo into a 3.5 inches diameter metal fashion accessory.

product design singapore

The immediate problem to overcome is the flame as it is a group of 3 unconnected strokes; physical products and their components do not float in air, literally.


First draft

We started by thickening the strokes of the flame; does the flame at this point look like a flame at all?

product design singapore

Second draft

With the licks of the flame connected together, as well as the flame having been connected to the first stroke of M’s, they are followed by brainstorming on how to make the mold for die casting in volume, themselves a massive problem each.

First test cut

custom die cast charms pendants

The first physical product has been CNC cut. Yet my team and I are but in the design phase, still. It is a stress test for the blade.


With this, we can refine the design further.

Custom die cast fashion accessories

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