singapore sofa photography

My footrest in the hands of a furniture photography specialist

Today I had photos of my custom full grain leather foot rest professionally taken.

It is as much about colours as it is about lighting.

My foot rest being black, made it difficult photographing it alongside the light colour props. It would have been easier if it were brown.

I should have taken casual photos of the black, against the mocha coloured table, white chair and smokey green sofa, to demonstrate just how jarring the contrast is.

But here goes…

Under work desk foot rest

furniture photographer singapore

The bridge between my all black foot rest, mocha work desk and white chair is the grey carpet.

singapore sofa photography

The mocha backdrop canvas served to diminish the focus on the mocha desk, placing the focus on the singularly black foot rest.

Sofa foot rest

singapore furniture photographer

The dark grey backdrop was the bridge between the greyish green sofa and the obviously non-matching black.

sofa photographer singapore

In self delight, I staged both shots on the fly by myself, just to fit a black item properly into the photos.

All I needed

furniture photography studio singapore
furniture photography studio singapore


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