personalised toddler gifts singapore

Crafting my toddler darling’s bag tag for school : D)

I have seen countless friends and family members sharing their toddlers’ first days of school on social media.

As much as I was happy for them then, and always will be, the joy experienced do not come close to the intense mix of emotions I am feeling at present, when my own darling is headed for school in a couple of days.

So mummy tasked me to make a bag tag for darling’s lobster school bag.

personalised toddler gifts singapore

As in the photo above, I hammered darling’s name M. A. G. G. I. E. into the crazyhorse leather purchased from Broadway Leather Company. Then, it was followed by some textures around her name turning the group of embossment into a cloud.

personalised toddler gifts singapore

Added some embellishments to the underside of the bag tag. Especially loving the seashell.

personalised bag tags singapore

Not only is darling ready for her first day of school. Daddy is equally ready to take her there : D)

Right beneath our apartment.

Next up: to gift so many personalised school bag tags to all my beloved friends’ toddlers.

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