how to photoshop post apocalyptic city

In a post apocalyptic world with my baby girl

When I showed my bestie the poster, he told me how I can improve my facial expressions. I replied that if I could vary up my expressions on demand, I would have gone on to become an actor or a politician keke.

However, this photo was really about my darling’s sweet(est) expression. The photo was casually taken after her vaccination and her sleepiness felt like it belonged in a post apocalyptic setting.

Original photo

how to make a movie poster

Made the following fairly simple manipulations:

  • A photo with depth of view makes editing easy as one can omit details in the blur background
  • Change the sky colour from blue to red or yellow
  • Warm up the photo with a translucent brown mask layer
  • Apply a mask with black translucent clouds for a touch of haziness. This adds an element of chaos and blurs the background further
  • Apply the mentioned cloud/haze mask once over both the blur background and the subject matter in the foreground, and a second time only over the background
  • Notice how the crack on the windscreen, rust and dents on the cars that I added aren’t visible after the edits above. Therefore, the effects above more than suffice without the detailing


how to photoshop post apocalyptic city

Photoshopping a decent post apocalyptic world would take an afternoon the most.

The other elements of the movie poster took up another afternoon.


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