where to tailor suits in singapore

2012: Tailoring brown checkered suit

This jacket is the very first jacket I had tailored for myself. In principle: no black. I am not attending anyone’s wedding in black for an obvious reason, and in spite of it being an acceptable practice here in Singapore.

I wanted to push the design, like have an input as to the i-dont-know-whats of the jacket. Hence, I spent some time choosing the fabric.

When I received the final product, I was pleased at how the jacket turned out. It can definitely fulfill its purpose of a dress wear for formal events. Yet, I was unimpressed with myself. The idea that I had pushed the design was but an illusion. Despite all the work done at the tailor’s, all I really did was choose the fabric. Neither did the tailor design anything. All they did was tailor the fabric into my jacket with my body measurements. I have written a guide to designing one’s jacket in another post.

Some hilarity ensued because I couldn’t button the collar button and second button around this mannequin. I am so small sized back in 2012, when I tailored this shirt and jacket in Bangkok, that my clothes can’t fit on this free size mannequin.

More focus on my brown checkered jacket. Its red lines make all the difference.

Night perspective

I am more likely to wear this jacket for a wedding dinner than I would for any function during the day.

Though not the feature of this post, this photo focuses on the pleats on my white dress shirt. A fly front covers the buttons. But the front itself is visible and the pleats blends the front into them.

Halfway through tying my neckerchief. It is a look by itself.

Neckerchief is my favourite way of covering up my neck, minimising the exposure of skin during formal dress events. Ties ruin my collars as that step of folding the collar downwards to cover the tie creases the collar and almost always damage the reinforcement sewn inside it.

Throwback to 2012

When I first received this jacket in six years ago.

I wore it for what it was by itself without any other accessories.

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