Unhappiness in my old age

Apart from stress stemming from work, family and friends, the inability to eat as I damn well please severely undermines my happiness.

It is literally a food to chemistry thing.

Right up to my late 20’s, I was eating to my hearts’ content. Potato chips, fries, burgers, prata, western, etc etc.

However, due to a lower metabolic rate, my appetite has reduced significantly and I become full easily.

Secondly, I still gain fats from eating whatever little till I my stomach fills up. Therefore, I eat till I am okay full.

My only consolation is that I don’t eat healthy but only eat less. Hence, I still do derive a certain measure of happiness from savoury food, albeit reduced in volume.

For a long time, I was finding an answer to not filling hearty happiness and I realised the answer.

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