singpost lost registered mail

Singpost declared my parcel lost, then I helped them find it

In brief

  • I had a belly full of anger but patience won the day.
  • My package was declared lost twice. It was first declared lost using the tracking number. It was subsequently declared lost again when I provided the names and addresses of both the sender’s and receiver’s.
  • Finally, after providing Singpost with photos of my parcel, they found it and it was delivered to me intact with no signs of any damage.
lost parcel singpost
  • All throughout the correspondence as above, ie:
    • provided tracking number, they declared lost a first time
    • provided them sender’s and receiver’s address, they maintained the same conclusion that the parcel is lost a second time
    • provided photos of the parcel and they finally found it, …

… it felt as though it was the information built upon one another that helped establish an “identity” for my parcel making it easier to track.

If I had merely provided the photo right at the begin, it might have just been treated as a “faceless” photo to the team (I guess… and it’s just a conjecture).

On the contrary, I rehash because I’m unsure if my earlier choice of words depicted clearly that, I felt like the search team could “recognise” my parcel by the time I sent them photos, after two rounds of searching.

My parcel was time sensitive and was already late anyway. Following the “protocol” in clear steps and being patient with the service team definitely helped.


The status of my incoming parcel stopped updating

It was the period spanning Christmas into new year and my parcel was supposed to reach me from overseas within three days, through speedpost.

singpost lost registered mail

I had let it pass for two weeks seeing that it was the holiday season, and as soon as the holidays were up, I called to follow up on the tracking number of my parcel.

Tracking number didn’t help

Three days later, they informed me via email that my parcel had been declared lost.

I called the very next day in anxiety, telling them that I did not accept both their conclusion and offer of compensation.

I further requested them to search again.

In addition, on my own initiative, I requested the telephone operator to record the names and addresses of both the sender’s and the receiver’s.

I had assumed that the barcode on my parcel was damaged, but the texts on the cargo details remained visible.

Names and addresses didn’t help

Another three days later, I received a call from 1605 informing me that my parcel is still declared lost.

I refused their conclusion and compensation again, and requested another search.

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This time round, I requested the telephone operator, on my own initiative again, to send me an email. This email would have a specific purpose of requesting me to send photos of what my parcel looked like as well as the dimensions.

It opened an official channel for me to send my photos to. If I hadn’t asked for it, they wouldn’t have asked the photos of me, hence its significance.

Emailing photos of my package failed

I was more than eager to send photos of my lost package through the email thread I requested the telephone operator to open.

However, mail delivery failed not once, not twice, not thrice, but four times. It appears that the official email addresses had size limits.



It also didn’t help that by the time I sent the photos for the 4th time, each photo had only a file size of approximately 100kb, and I had reduced the number of photos from 13 to 7.

I assume that the more photos there are, the more detailed it would be.


Uploading photos via live chat

Time would be wasted again if I emailed them to inform them of mail delivery failure. With every day, my parcel gets closer to getting lost for real. MIght even be disposed of (I don’t know).

It was then that I remembered seeing what amounts to a live chat service some where.


One can access the live chat function through these steps:

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  • go to the Singpost parcel tracking page
  • type in your tracking number
  • click on the “live chat” link when the package status has been loaded

Through it, I uploaded my photos live and that’s really cool.

The photos I sent

The lost package was the one of two packages that were shipped to me together. Fortunately, with one of the package in my hands, I had a working example of how the lost package looked like as both boxes were identical.

I replaced the binding straps which I have already cut.

singpost lost my parcel

Side view of my parcel where my commercial invoice is, in its plastic pocket.

speedpost lost my parcel


The morning I sent them the photos via “chat now”, I received a call in the evening from 1605.

The state of my parcel

The box was not damaged. The contents were intact and weren’t damaged either.

They did print out a fresh sheet of delivery order and had removed the original cargo details.

It highly suggests that the cargo details were ripped off.

How I knew that my parcel wasn’t lost

My parcel had arrived in Singapore the day after my supplier mailed me my parcels.


And it remained as “received at processing facility” and got stuck there since.

It isn’t the first time I have received parcels through Singpost. Therefore, I am familiar with the various status updates they have.

To be stuck at processing facility and have my parcel declared lost, there had to be misses at so many levels that it seemed ridiculous.

I felt like they were hard pressed to reply me within 3 days rather than taking the time to find my item. Therefore, on the basis of them skimming through the items, they needed information that was instantly recognisable on a single glance.


There were human errors.

Take initiatives to provide information.

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