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Be a white collar entrepreneur just like in employment, not blue collar

Thinking in terms of employment, one easily identifies the doctor and lawyer professions as the kind of employment that makes more per hour than laborious jobs such as plumbers and toilet janitors.

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Similarly in business, there are the “white collar” types and the “blue collar” types, pretty much drawn along the same types of differences as employment.

One loosely coined example is that the white collar business types revolve around services while the blue collar business types involve manufacturing.

This is easily understood if we consider how China has been, for quite some time, shifting the nature of its economy from a manufacturing one to a service based one.

We can also understand the principle of certain business types whose rewards are paltry compared to others, by using certain media-hyped personal stories.

Consider the young gentlemen who entered the plumbing industry, marketed as being willing to do the dirty jobs that only the more senior in the work force are willing to do. No amount of marketing is going to allow them to call a price of two or three times the market rate.

Therein lies the complications of starting up a business. At the end of the day how much a businesseur makes is all that matters towards achieving success.


Starting a business in Singapore?

Only upon success will one earn the rights to having his story empathised with, and even marketed for by others on their own accord for free. Otherwise, every other person we brush our shoulders with in the subway has their own story to tell; some are really sad ones that no one cares about.

I sidetracked. The real point of indulging in passion as the impetus for starting a business is that if one’s passion happens to fall within the “blue collar” type, your own business might just end up killing your passion; not passion winning the day and making money.

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