Positive attitude improves income, or not

The debates regarding positivity correlating with improving one’s lot in life are out there.

The argument presumably targets the vulnerable and poor, that people’s lives will improve once they adopt a more positive attitude.

However, it should shed light the moment we alter the persons in question from ones who are weak and poor, to those who have more.

Based on the argument above, the middle class with more resources and hence naturally with better outlook of life should become millionaires.

Then the millionaires would become billionaires and then to trillionaires.

But it doesn’t happen that way.

Perhaps to put things into more perspective, the omnipresent luxury fashion retail brands with their deep pockets, preferential treatment and immense power haven’t put 10 retail stores per brand along a single shopping street yet.

No single brand have beaten the other to emerge truly victorious. Why aren’t those in the boardroom being more positive about their outlook. A change in mindset should alter the company’s fortune for the better doesn’t it?

Now we return to the average man on the street. Just how much positivity must one throw in before he realises the hubris in this correlation for the average person?

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