used car parts for sale in singapore

Visited my metal scrap dealer buddy at his warehouse

by Keching

Visited my army buddy who is a metal scrap dealer at his warehouse today and was greeted by a pickup fully loaded with used tyres.

used tyres for sale singapore

If sorting out my leather stockpile a month back had me moving a total of 500kg+, this guy collects 10 tonnes of metal scraps daily.

The past year was extremely tough yet rewarding. I had worked 7 days almost every week, leaving house at 8am and returning at 10pm. I have to harvest when I can.

The following are his stockpile of scrap car parts and auto parts for sale. Please contact +65 96637673 to inquire.

Used Euro 6 catalytic converter for sale

Catalytic converters for sale outside of Singapore. Please contact the listed number above or below for details.

scrap catalytic converter buyer

Used coilover for sale

coilover singapore

See also fabric leftovers from sofa upholstery business

Used tyres and sports rims for sale

My buddy sells second hand original and oem sports rims from Germany and Japan. Please inquire for availability of specific brands.

used sports rim singapore

Used control arms for sale

aluminium control arms

Buddy loading used auto parts onto his pick up after bidding him goodbye.

used car parts for sale in singapore

Please contact +65 96637673 to inquire on purchase of used auto parts.

by Keching