Necessary eccentricity: bathing with my baby’s bathwater

Everyone knows that our environment is under severe threat. However, I am unsure everyone understands that their personal consumption patterns directly impacts the environment.

Certain personal measures like avoiding the use of drinking straws and disposable diapers are socially cooler than bathing with my girl’s bathwater, which was what I did.

I have scrubbed the bathroom floor, mopped my house, flushed my toilets and hand washed my clothes with these water, and am running out of ideas.

I am not mad. However, what is maddening is that these activities use up a lot more of my personal time than I otherwise would.

How many times do I possibly need to scrub the toilet and mop the house? However, I do bathe as many times as my girl does. Furthermore, the water is still hot when I’m done bathing her.

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At the end of my full bathe including shampooing my hair, there was still plenty of water remaining in the tub.

This is set to be a personal thing despite its uncoolness.