bespoke tailoring singapore

Bespoke tailoring of a different kind in Singapore

Even in hot sunny Singapore, suits tailoring had been, and is still increasingly picking up. My partners and I run a tailoring boutique Artorial Bespoke Tailoring at Lor Telok, near Raffles Place MRT station.

bespoke tailoring singapore

Aquila belts tailoring

And recently, we have set up a belts tailoring service in partnership with Aquila that focuses on niche aspects in the fashion belts industry such as:

  • custom jewellery buckles
  • exotic, and difficult-to-work-with materials such as suede
  • belts to shoes colour matching
  • tailoring plus size belts for big gentlemen
  • etc.

All said and done, my partners and I have set up a first of its kind, one stop tailoring concept boutique, to take care of a gentleman’s suit, shirt, belts and in time shoes as well.

But have you ever heard of digital suits tailoring?

In the heat of the metaverse craze, I, Keching, have digitally tailored suits for the base avatar mesh in the Decentraland game.

As much as I live primarily in the physical world, more so as a father, and simply have no time to play games, having a digital identity in the form of an avatar, represented by its “fashion” is equally important to me.

Example: my seersucker jacket

top singapore fashion designers

My physical baby blue seersucker jacket above and my digital seersucker jacket below.

how to create decentraland wearables

The following are some views in-game in the Decentraland game where my avatar walks around in the very suits I designed and tailored for sale:

A client who bought my grey jacket, baby orange linen trousers and suede tassel loafers huddling with me in-world:

decentraland singapore

Don’t leave just yet

Not forgetting my partners and I run Artorial Bespoke Tailoring, i.e. a real physical tailor shop, ownership of my digital suits entitles discounts off real suits tailored at our store.

My suits are in essence transboundary digital membership discount cards, replacing the need for physical membership cards that get misplaced easily.

Scam alert!

The NFT nature of my digital suits is intrinsic to blockchain technology, which at its core assigns a unique code to my clients’ nft suit/tuxedo, proving ownership (which are publicly verifiable).

Contrast this with my sending a screenshot of a tuxedo jpeg to clients, which my partners and staff cannot verify, when clients attempt to redeem their discounts with Artorial Bespoke Tailoring.

Furthermore, said digital asset is an actual suit that is wearable on an avatar in the Decentraland game, not merely a “scammy jpeg still image called an NFT”.

keching decentraland wearables promotions

Reach out to me for my NFT tuxedo suits

In summary, I offer:

  • tailoring of digital suits for clients who wish to wear unique looking suits in the Decentraland game
  • on top of being in an actual real life physical tailoring business
  • and I already have a digital fashion collection comprising 3 jackets, 2 trousers and 3 shoes
  • and ownership of just one nft entitles clients to discounts off real suits at Artorial Bespoke Tailoring

How and where to purchase

For clients wishing to purchase my nfts in fiat money, i.e. normal non-cryptocurrency money, please reach us at +65 96637673.

For clients who are already initiated into the world of Opensea and cryptocurrency, and other nft marketplaces, please make your purchases from:

Prices start from 0.005eth (approximately US$5.50.

(In exchange for discounts, worth tens of dollars more than US$5.50, off prospective clients’ suits)

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