Where to buy formal leather shoes in Singapore: Bespoke shoemakers


Introducing shoe brands Aquila & Why&Co.


First, I’ll let some photos do the talking (swipe left and right):

Established 1978

From the photos above (provided by Aquila), Aquila tailors shoes to gentlemen’s feet. She is a fashion brand with its own manufactory that first made its presence in 1978, supplying gents belts to well known department stores such as Robinson’s and John Little.

Aquila has since evolved to retail directly to the market, occupying a unique position as belt tailors, all while providing bespoke shoe services and custom gents bags and accessories such as crocodile bags and wallets.

Matching shoes & belt

One final note before I move on to the next recommendation, on top of bespoke shoes, there is also the option of purchasing a matching belt to pair up with the shoes customised for their customers. For example, if it is a pair of suede shoes, the suede belt will be cut from the same cow hide. If it is a pair of patina leather shoes, the shoes and belt will be dyed at the same time to ensure likeness in colour.

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why & Co

Why & Co launched their first collection in 2015, they started out as a online store, doing occasional pop up events all around Singapore. However they have now currently expanded to have their own boutique in Tanjong Pagar.

Their shoes goes through a testing process to ensure that the pair will remain comfortable while still be stylish before each pair are then hand lasted and hand finished by master shoe maker of over 60 years of experience, each pair is therefore one of a kind.

In terms of design, they offer a rather streamlined rotating classics of oxford and loafers. Below are some pictures of their shoes.

They also sell shoe care products such as creams and polishing cloth, if you are ever in need for a quick shine.

Do note that they operate on a appointment basis so do make an appointment here before heading down to their boutique.

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