Personal reduction in single use plastics

This post is to record 2018 as the year when my personal consciousness of plastic and environment spurred me into action.

I proactively ask customers if they require a plastic bag when purchasing products from me and I thank them when they choose not to take a bag.

I have begun to drink cold drinks straight from the glass. It’s what we do anyway with hot drinks. For that matter, I don’t use straws at home when drinking cold water, hence I shouldn’t be when ordering a drink outside.

I have started bringing cloth bags out during grocery runs and when I dabao food from outside. A side observation is that many businesses are giving away biodegradable bags or cloth bags for free in order to entice prospective customers into buying their goods and services. These bags, however, still require energy to produce assuming they are made entirely from recycled materials. Instead of plastic bags, these bags are the ones accumulating at home, which will eventually be wasted when re-recycled or thrown away.

Late by too many years

I remember my General Paper tutor in ACJC talking about how it aches her heart to see empty public buses driving past her as those are fuel burnt in vain. That was in 2002, a good 16 years before 2018.

I also remember a friend persuading me in NUS not to take disposable chopsticks when ordering food to go. That was in 2007, a good 11 years before 2018.

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