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Still in search of my talent

Some talents are more easily identifiable than others. For example, I have a friend who can reproduce a person’s face on paper after a glimpse of the person. I also have a friend who can listen to a piano music and play it concurrently on the piano, albeit 3 seconds behind. That’s the art and music for you.

Wife speaks Thai like a Thai, speaks Japanese like a Japanese.

There are also friends who score straight A’s, and I refer not to those who pull their hair out getting excellent grades but those whom we know are above their game. They breeze through the exams.

It is not impossible to identify colleagues who are on top of their game in roles like marketing, sales, PR, finance, (heck even) leadership. However, talent spotting in these roles are not as straightforward as when compared to someone who shoots three bullseye in a row with a bow and arrow. And most people work these jobs where one can’t be sure the success that is measured is a result of an individual’s particular talent.

So yeah then comes the point I’ve been working for 10 years after graduation. I myself have been through the various roles required for me to run my business and I don’t even know if I can qualify myself to be really good at anything.

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