Personal improvement in verbal communication

Using softer tones while talking to someone is among the many things I learned from my dad and it is practised through talking to him daily.

It is at two levels, one is that he speaks with rounder and softer tones, notwithstanding him getting excited over certain topics, and I mimic him in order that our frequency matches. Secondly, he is my daddy-O and it would be infinitely sweeter to be softer with him.

Juxtapose this with my younger barking days, honed through almost an entire youth involved in regimented youth organisations. That is six years in Scouts in primary school, another six years in the National Cadet Corps (NCC), and another two years in state conscription, the National Service (NS). I either kept a silent stern face or I barked, even with the sweetest girl in school. Yucks : P

Some friends probably forgot

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