upholstery service singapore

Visit to an upholsterer in Singapore: Broadway Leather Co.

Been spending time with my guys at Broadway Leather Company for a diy protective cover sheet for my uniquely L-shaped beanbag. Please see it here:


To reupholster or not

To make sense of having one’s sofa reupholstered, these are the layers of cost:

  • Two way proper transportation with necessary care for furniture is $250 – $300
  • Average fabric cost at $30 per metre for 10 metres, to upholster a two-seater sofa, is $300
  • Two craftsmen’s labour at $50 per person per day for three days is $300
  • And the prices stated above is for either a two-seater or three-seater. For a 2-piece sofa set, we can expect the price to double.

As much as we all seek the cheapest and most affordable upholstery services, there are average baseline costs that every upholsterer cannot avoid.

Armed with the knowledge above, if a family’s sofa ranges $300 – $600, it is not worth the money and effort. If the sofa is around $1000, you might want to weigh your options more carefully. It is fair to consider reupholstering your sofa if the original price was in excess of $1500.

Hope this helps : D)

Some cool projects

Odd shaped green ottoman

upholstery service singapore

I think that’s what it’s called: an ottoman chair.

upholstery service singapore

For this project I missed out the entire upholstery process. Did manage to catch the final seam action though.

The long and short of it is that the seams must be stitched with the edges on the inside leaving no loose ends.

Reupholstering an imported sofa

upholstery service singapore

Managed to catch a fair bit of the action on this project.

From the photo above, the selected fabric was draped over the sofa that has been stripped.


It made sense for the clients to reupholster their sofa, including costs of 2-way transportation, because their fabric sofa was imported, i.e. it was costly to begin with.

upholstery service singapore

The fabric here wasn’t merely draped because it was already stitched into shape. Now the guys at Broadway Leather are dressing the frame of the sofa proper.

If I remember correctly, the foam underneath the fabric was reused. To strip the sofa down to the carpentry and re-pad it, it would have cost more than just changing the upholstery fabric.

upholstery service singapore

The main frame has been reassembled. Next up: the seat cushion and the back rest cushions.

upholstery service singapore

The template for the back rest cushion covers. The covers must keep the back rest cushions, which are really just normal rectangular cuboids, in a shape that allows it to lean slanted against the back frame of the sofa.

Technically an upholstery project

Wrapping the tiny “cushion” with full leather

Custom seat cushion for rattan couch

custom seat cushion singapore

Happened to catch this new incoming project. A client had brought a rattan or bamboo couch set in for custom seat cushions for it.

Armchairs and dining chairs

chair upholstery singapore

Original staples on the wooden legs of chairs that are going to be reupholstered.

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